How to Find Out What WordPress Theme A Website is Using

In this article, you will learn how to find out what WordPress theme a website is using. Suppose you want to create a blog or website on WordPress and you are searching a beautiful theme or you want to use the theme which is used in a website and you want to detect the theme source. In this article, we try to solve your problem so without wasting your time let start the process.

It is very easy to find a theme which is used by a website. Which theme is used by the website and you will also detect the plugins used in the website.

Online Tools to Find WordPress Website Theme

One of the famous and easiest ways to detect WordPress theme used by a website is with WPTD.


An online tool that allows you to find plugins and theme used by a website on WordPress blog or website.

For doing this, you need to visit WPTD website and then enter the URL of a website in the search bar to check the theme and plugins.

When you enter the URL in the search bar of WPTD its check the website is on WordPress or not. If the website is running on the WordPress platform then it detects the plugins and theme of a website.

Finally, it shows the detect result on your screen with detail source of theme and plugins.

It will display the plugins name and theme name. Copy the name of theme and plugins and search it on Google to visit the theme and plugins website and check the theme and plugins are free or paid.

Another best website is to find the WordPress theme used by a website is IsItWP. Visit the website and repeat the same process again to detect any WordPress theme and plugins. IsItWP is another famous website to detect any WordPress theme and plugins.


Another alternative is ScanWp to find WordPress theme and plugins used by a website.

If you know the name of the theme then visit the WordPress theme directory and search the theme name in the search bar. If the theme is available in the WordPress directory then they easily detect the theme and show on your screen.

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