Google Chrome shortcut keys

Are you want to use Google Chrome by the help of your keyboard then you have necessary to know the shortcut key of Google Chrome. Here is the list of shortcut key of Google Chrome.

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+T Open a new Tab.
Ctrl+WClose current Tab.
Ctrl+Shift+TOpen previously Closed Tab.
Ctrl +TabSwitch between open Tabs.
Ctrl+1Switch to first Tap.
Ctrl+9Switch to the last Tab.
Ctrl+NOpen a new browser.
Ctrl+PPrint the webpage
Ctrl+SSave the webpage on your computer.
Ctrl+O Open a file stored on your computer
Ctrl+HOpen history browser.
Ctrl+JOpen downloads histroy.
Ctrl+DAdd the current webpage to the bookmark.
Ctrl+Zoom in.
Ctrl-Zoom out.
Ctrl+0Reset zoom.
EndGo to the bottom of the page.
HomeGo to top of the page.
Space barMoves down a page at a time.
Ctrl+FSearch the webpage.
Ctrl+Shift+DeleteOpen the clear browsing data.
F11Full screen.
Alt+HomeOpen the homepage.
Ctrl+Shift+WCloses the currently selected tab.
Ctrl+R or F5Reload or Refresh the current page.
Ctrl+L or F6Jump to the address bar. You can use Alt+D also.
Alt+Down ArrowDisplay all previous text entered in a text
Shift+spacebarMove up a page at a time.
Ctrl+Shift+BToggle the bookmarks bar between hidden and shown.

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