YouTube Shortcuts Key You must Want to Know

Most people use YouTube and spend a lot of time on searching knowledgeable videos, songs, and movies, etc. if you have a YouTube channel or a YouTuber you must know the shortcuts key. You remember youtube shortcut keys by practice. If you use YouTube some day by shortcut keys you definitely learn and remember the shortcut keys uses. So try to use YouTube with the keyboard after reading this article.

How to find YouTube shortcut key

If you want to find the YouTube shortcut key then follow the following simple and easy steps.

Open YouTube on your web browser.

Click on your profile which is on the right side top of YouTube and then in the drop-down menu clicks on keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube shortcuts key

After clicking on keyboard shortcuts the YouTube shortcut keys open on your screen.

You can also find YouTube shortcuts key by pressing shift+?

List of Some Useful YouTube shortcut keys

Shortcut keysDescription
KPlay or pause the video.
JRewind or move backwards for 10 seconds.
1 to 9Move to a specific point (10% to 90% of a video).
Shift+PPlay the previous video.
Shift+NPlay the next video in the playlist.
, (comma)Move backwards when the video is paused.
. (period) Move forward when the video is paused.
Shift+,Decrease video speed.
Shift+. Increase video speed.
FFull screen and exit a full screen.
TCinema mode.
MMute or unmute video.
IMini player mode.
EscClose Mini player.
/Go to the search box of youtube.
EndGo to the end of the screen.
SpacebarPlay or pause the video.
0Jump to the beginning of the video.

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